This was a Facebook post I wrote recently –
Hi, Everyone! 
Listen, my guides have prepared me and told me my level of SERVICE WORK for the collective (Free of Charge) is about to increase substantially! Since I already work pro-bono as my full-time job, I was very concerned initially when I got that message… For this reason:

Yesterday, my first session with someone (doing clearing work for the collective ) went from 7:30am- 10:30am. I had a half hour before my next 2 hour session, so I answered three questions on Messenger. ( There were 15 waiting for me..)After that I wrote a post, then met with someone in the afternoon for another session lasting several hours. I then wrote another post and shared to a bunch of groups. Then I spoke to a client on the phone and talked them down off a metaphorical ledge….. (an exaggeration. She is actually doing a TRULY impressive job processing her fear, AND WORKING FOR THE COLLECTIVE HERSELF. FANTASTIC progress!!! THIS is why I so eagerly work with her!) Then, not five minutes later, I had an impromptu two hour talk with Sarah Adams about setting up our clearing call for the next day. After we ended, the ledge client called back- TWICE!… and we spoke some more. I FINALLY went to bed at 12:45am!
I FELT EXHILARATED! I WAS HAPPY. However, I had barely gotten through 1/3 of the days tasks! Somehow I worked ALL day, and had ended the day behind on my to-do list. WTF.

My guides are STRONGLY pressing me to WRITE more and do live feeds, because the number of people I will be able to serve will be FAR,FAR GREATER! All the people I work with seem to need similar information anyway. 
I KNOW my level of abundance in the 5D QRS System will increase AS my level of SERVICE increases -provided my MOTIVATION for the service is PURE and GIVING! I KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE!
(Giving IN ORDER to get supported is part of the 3D financial system….this will NOT be supported by the QRS.) 


But I didn’t see how that might work at first. And Ive been SEVERELY broke as it is – and there are not enough hours in the day to keep going the way I have been. My daughter wants macaroni and my dogs need to be walked …etc. I recognize that I have been going out of balance -but I still want to INCREASE my service! That is truly where my heart lies, this work….(sniff. I have something in my eye.)

One thing I do know about myself is that my motivation for my service work is as PURE as it comes. For real. I give out of love. Period. I like to see all beings fed and happy. It MATTERS to me! I VERY much want to increase my level of SERVICE WORK!! I have a real soft spot for the poor. 

I was very surprised this morning when my guides told me my prices would be going UP substantially in the very near future. It was not a suggestion. It was them preparing me and telling me in advance, because it is a new level of SERVICE for me. I think my prices may even double- but that will actually allow me to do FAR more pro bono work! A LOT more. 
In order to remain balanced- the giving and receiving must be in equal measure. ( This is one reason we go through the 11 gateway. No one can get through unless they are balanced) It is essential that in 5D, our receiving grows in proportion to our service! Do you see WHY the QRS works so well? 

We are preparing for a Quantum Leap of GIVING! The giving will INCLUDE giving TO EACH OTHER! And the RECEIVING will go UP, as opposed to down. Every person on the Ascension path will be moving UP a level with their service work. That means stepping into new roles and out of our previous comfort zone. It will feel awkward and unstable at first for many of us. 

We will be relinquishing our previous positions, allowing those behind us on the path to take our place, as it is a step up for them. We will all help one another climb the Ascension ladder, while anchoring the Higher frequencies into Earth. 

I was reminded by my guides not to worry about people who might not be able to afford my new session price- because those who are INTENDED to work with me will be given the money to do so. 

That makes sense to me…since I worked with Steve Rother for years and each time it was almost $500! But every time I prayed for a session with him and really needed one, I got that amount GIFTED exactly. Four times, I was gifted a session directly , and did not even need to spend my own money! My work with him was essential to my progress ( the collective I was working on behalf of!) and the job I incarnated to do. The needed funds always found their way to me.
( Once – (True Story!) Steve Rother’s WIFE called ME, a year and a half after I had left a message. She said there was finally an opening and my name was at the top of the wait list!! This was FIVE minutes after I had said “I wish Steve Rother was doing private sessions again!” And BINGO! I manifested one RIGHT when I need it. Cause I really DID need the help!)

I will be doing THAT with people, apparently. Sometime soon. My income will INCREASE. My SERVICE LEVEL will INCREASE proportionately. My RESTING time and ability to RECEIVE will also increase because I will be taking LESS ACTION. ( Action is the masculine, giving energy that goes OUT. In my case-it goes out at full throttle all the time.) That will decrease. So I will be more in the Feminine energy of MAGNETISM by slowing down into embodiment. This will DRAW toward me those clients who are my vibrational match. See? 
This is all about geometry and balance.

They don’t teach you this in business or advertising school. ( I went to art school anyway…LOL!) They teach you how to sell stuff and get customers by baiting them or saying the right thing to catch a paying customer for yourself. THAT IS PREDATION, NOT LOVE! That kind of matrix-thinking has no place in the new system. Examine your own CORE motivation! Take inventory of yourself and monitor your own vibrational hygiene- HONESTLY. 

The TRUTH is- ALL you need to do to be abundantly supported by the QRS is to balance your own energies ( your masculine/feminine energies, also your LOVE FOR OTHERS with LOVE OF SELF ratio!) and make sure you do not get out of hand one way or another.

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