Train your mind toward praise and PRAYER!. If your dog comes, remember that time you called him…

If a blizzard comes, remember that time you prayed for snow. Congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Acts of service are often invisible to the observer. And any little action can be turned into service with a prayer or clear intention. Every time I take an action, I align that action with a prayer or a statement of my intention and congratulate myself on my accomplishment! ” It is DONE! “


When I do the dishes, I say “Here I am- cleaning the corruption out of Washington!”.( I should do the dishes more often.)
When I vacuum, I say “I am using this special machine to remove chem trails, pollution, and fluoride off the surface of the planet”
When I water my plants, I say “Here you go-Rainforest grow!”. or something like that. Make it up.

I bless ALL the birdseed in the feeder and enlist the help of the bird army to disseminate blessings on the planet as they fly away. They carry my intention far and wide!

For years, I have been saying “There goes Monsanto!”, each and every time I flush the toilet! It finally worked.LOL!

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