This was delivered to me from a source who wishes to remain anonymous, which I understand and appreciate! As per my post yesterday, it is to be shared as widely and freely as possible. I did not write this.-
The Lightbringer collective has been purposefully “unplugged” from the 3D money system. This is a divinely orchestrated arrangement as we are not to play any further part in the “need for money” enslavement matrix.
However, a dark cloud of interference energy has been put in place by the cabal to keep Lightbringers stuck in “survival and struggle” mode. The intention behind this energy is that we abandon our soul missions and accept the “need” to “work” jobs to “make” money to “pay the bills” (which is the purpose of life for the majority of humans living inside the matrix).
The purpose of life within the New Paradigm is to be our NATURAL, self-sovereign and infinitely abundant selves. There will be no bills or taxes to pay once the spirit of interdependence kicks in!
Remember, as self-sovereign beings, nothing outside of us has any power over us whatsoever. We create our experience of reality from the inside out.
To clear all residual energies of the 3D money system from your body and being, repeat the following each day for a period of 30 days (or for as long as you feel intuitively guided):
You can then repeat these four (upgraded) Ho’oponopono phrases while rotating a pendulum in a counter-clockwise direction until the clearing for that day is complete:
“I LOVE ME, I THANK ME, I AM DIVINE PERFECTION, I AM THAT I AM.” [Keep repeating until pendulum comes to a stop].
Next, we consciously activate the Quantum Financial System:
You can repeat the first two (upgraded) Ho’oponopono phrases while rotating your pendulum in a clockwise direction:
“I LOVE ME, I THANK ME.” [Keep repeating until pendulum comes to a stop.]
To finish the process, simply say:
It is best to do this process with your bare feet connected to the Earth. The more grounded you are, the more effective the clearing and recalibration. The pendulum is not compulsory. You can simply continue repeating the phrases for a few minutes or until you feel intuitively that the process is complete.
[For the record, the exact same thing is happening with the legal system; it is not rooted in Truth and so we no longer need to concern ourselves with it. For example, “I can’t take my child out of school and open a self-directed learning space for kids because it is against the law in my country/state” will simply not apply to communities existing and operating within the 5D energies of the New Paradigm.]
Shared with love ❤️



I have spoken to many people recently who want to do their mission or Divine Service work but feel they must maintain their job in the 3D financial system because they have bills to pay or debt to pay off or expenses to meet. The Quantum Resource System is already replacing the old system, and YOU DECIDE what system ( New or old ) you participate in, and to what degree. You will swim in whatever ocean you poured yourself into. 

If I want to be fully supported by the Quantum Resource System-and have all my expenses paid, my debt forgiven, and continue to do ONLY my Divine Service work – then it is up to ME to create THAT as my reality. Do MY work regardless.  
Declare to the Universe –

“I NOW choose to be supported and fully compensated for ALL the work I do.” From there – JUST DO THE DIVINE SERVICE WORK YOU CAME TO DO and know that you will be paid one way or another! YOU make it happen! You must be the one to TRUST, initiate the action AND STEP FULLY into the QRS FIRST based on your own ability as a creator! the Universe will respond to YOUR INITIATIVE. 

For example, if you do energy healing or something like that, then you can work pro-bono for those who cannot afford to pay, while accepting money from those who do have it. Accept donations and know it will be enough to sustain you while you develop and the system grows. We are in a time of transition. Have FAITH that you will be paid one way or the other. The ocean refuses no river, and during this time of transition, the two systems may overlap for a while. ( Such as miraculous financial gifts showing up in your bank account!) THE act of SERVICE arising from genuine love of giving COMES FIRST! 

Also – you must also be fully willing to RECEIVE MIRACLES without doubt, shame, apology, mistrust, embarassment, feeling of unworthiness, fear…etc. Observe yourself closely to identify your resistance- then adjust yourself! 

Many people have hidden concerns such as “How will I explain to my spouse that money just showed up in my account and I just accepted it ? My husband won’t understand”, or ” People will think I’m irresponsible if I don’t pay my student loan.” or ” I don’t want to look stupid by believing in something like the QRS before there is socially acceptable proof”, or ” Im afraid to tell my family that I believe this stuff. “, or “I’m not worthy”, or ” I was taught you have to work.I feel like a fraud”

If you have concerns like this, I would recommend a personal session….but you can also clear a LOT on your own provided you have a strong intention to do so! 

This is a chance to examine how committed you are toward change. We will NEVER change the existing system by deferring to it! Any resistance you personally hold toward change must be examined. The block is YOU, and YOU hold the key to that door.

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I am coining the term QRS (Quantum RESOURCE System) instead of using QFS.(Quantum Financial System) I like it because it does not limit the resource flow to money only. Also- the term QRS already carries the energy of connection in mass consciousness ( since the letters are sequential in our alphabet.)
The QRS is ALL about building a expanded network of connection – like joined rivers flowing in the same direction the INTENTION being the nourishment and well being of all! 
We are generating a GIGANTIC current of LOVE!


Remember this -If you want to receive a JACKPOT , your own SELF WORTH must be a vibrational match to it.

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This was a Facebook post I wrote recently –
Hi, Everyone! 
Listen, my guides have prepared me and told me my level of SERVICE WORK for the collective (Free of Charge) is about to increase substantially! Since I already work pro-bono as my full-time job, I was very concerned initially when I got that message… For this reason:

Yesterday, my first session with someone (doing clearing work for the collective ) went from 7:30am- 10:30am. I had a half hour before my next 2 hour session, so I answered three questions on Messenger. ( There were 15 waiting for me..)After that I wrote a post, then met with someone in the afternoon for another session lasting several hours. I then wrote another post and shared to a bunch of groups. Then I spoke to a client on the phone and talked them down off a metaphorical ledge….. (an exaggeration. She is actually doing a TRULY impressive job processing her fear, AND WORKING FOR THE COLLECTIVE HERSELF. FANTASTIC progress!!! THIS is why I so eagerly work with her!) Then, not five minutes later, I had an impromptu two hour talk with Sarah Adams about setting up our clearing call for the next day. After we ended, the ledge client called back- TWICE!… and we spoke some more. I FINALLY went to bed at 12:45am!
I FELT EXHILARATED! I WAS HAPPY. However, I had barely gotten through 1/3 of the days tasks! Somehow I worked ALL day, and had ended the day behind on my to-do list. WTF.

My guides are STRONGLY pressing me to WRITE more and do live feeds, because the number of people I will be able to serve will be FAR,FAR GREATER! All the people I work with seem to need similar information anyway. 
I KNOW my level of abundance in the 5D QRS System will increase AS my level of SERVICE increases -provided my MOTIVATION for the service is PURE and GIVING! I KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE!
(Giving IN ORDER to get supported is part of the 3D financial system….this will NOT be supported by the QRS.) 


But I didn’t see how that might work at first. And Ive been SEVERELY broke as it is – and there are not enough hours in the day to keep going the way I have been. My daughter wants macaroni and my dogs need to be walked …etc. I recognize that I have been going out of balance -but I still want to INCREASE my service! That is truly where my heart lies, this work….(sniff. I have something in my eye.)

One thing I do know about myself is that my motivation for my service work is as PURE as it comes. For real. I give out of love. Period. I like to see all beings fed and happy. It MATTERS to me! I VERY much want to increase my level of SERVICE WORK!! I have a real soft spot for the poor. 

I was very surprised this morning when my guides told me my prices would be going UP substantially in the very near future. It was not a suggestion. It was them preparing me and telling me in advance, because it is a new level of SERVICE for me. I think my prices may even double- but that will actually allow me to do FAR more pro bono work! A LOT more. 
In order to remain balanced- the giving and receiving must be in equal measure. ( This is one reason we go through the 11 gateway. No one can get through unless they are balanced) It is essential that in 5D, our receiving grows in proportion to our service! Do you see WHY the QRS works so well? 

We are preparing for a Quantum Leap of GIVING! The giving will INCLUDE giving TO EACH OTHER! And the RECEIVING will go UP, as opposed to down. Every person on the Ascension path will be moving UP a level with their service work. That means stepping into new roles and out of our previous comfort zone. It will feel awkward and unstable at first for many of us. 

We will be relinquishing our previous positions, allowing those behind us on the path to take our place, as it is a step up for them. We will all help one another climb the Ascension ladder, while anchoring the Higher frequencies into Earth. 

I was reminded by my guides not to worry about people who might not be able to afford my new session price- because those who are INTENDED to work with me will be given the money to do so. 

That makes sense to me…since I worked with Steve Rother for years and each time it was almost $500! But every time I prayed for a session with him and really needed one, I got that amount GIFTED exactly. Four times, I was gifted a session directly , and did not even need to spend my own money! My work with him was essential to my progress ( the collective I was working on behalf of!) and the job I incarnated to do. The needed funds always found their way to me.
( Once – (True Story!) Steve Rother’s WIFE called ME, a year and a half after I had left a message. She said there was finally an opening and my name was at the top of the wait list!! This was FIVE minutes after I had said “I wish Steve Rother was doing private sessions again!” And BINGO! I manifested one RIGHT when I need it. Cause I really DID need the help!)

I will be doing THAT with people, apparently. Sometime soon. My income will INCREASE. My SERVICE LEVEL will INCREASE proportionately. My RESTING time and ability to RECEIVE will also increase because I will be taking LESS ACTION. ( Action is the masculine, giving energy that goes OUT. In my case-it goes out at full throttle all the time.) That will decrease. So I will be more in the Feminine energy of MAGNETISM by slowing down into embodiment. This will DRAW toward me those clients who are my vibrational match. See? 
This is all about geometry and balance.

They don’t teach you this in business or advertising school. ( I went to art school anyway…LOL!) They teach you how to sell stuff and get customers by baiting them or saying the right thing to catch a paying customer for yourself. THAT IS PREDATION, NOT LOVE! That kind of matrix-thinking has no place in the new system. Examine your own CORE motivation! Take inventory of yourself and monitor your own vibrational hygiene- HONESTLY. 

The TRUTH is- ALL you need to do to be abundantly supported by the QRS is to balance your own energies ( your masculine/feminine energies, also your LOVE FOR OTHERS with LOVE OF SELF ratio!) and make sure you do not get out of hand one way or another.

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Train your mind toward praise and PRAYER!. If your dog comes, remember that time you called him…

If a blizzard comes, remember that time you prayed for snow. Congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Acts of service are often invisible to the observer. And any little action can be turned into service with a prayer or clear intention. Every time I take an action, I align that action with a prayer or a statement of my intention and congratulate myself on my accomplishment! ” It is DONE! “


When I do the dishes, I say “Here I am- cleaning the corruption out of Washington!”.( I should do the dishes more often.)
When I vacuum, I say “I am using this special machine to remove chem trails, pollution, and fluoride off the surface of the planet”
When I water my plants, I say “Here you go-Rainforest grow!”. or something like that. Make it up.

I bless ALL the birdseed in the feeder and enlist the help of the bird army to disseminate blessings on the planet as they fly away. They carry my intention far and wide!

For years, I have been saying “There goes Monsanto!”, each and every time I flush the toilet! It finally worked.LOL!

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Quantum Financial System is available NOW , but it requires a competence in instant manifestation. It is also only available to those who have released reliance and attachment to the previous financial system! Right now, there are those who can access it.( A pre-requisite is very rapid manifestation of the resources one needs from unexpected sources. Manifesting from the Quantum Field is linked to QFS )

Recently, more and more people are able to draw money “out of the blue” or other things they need magically show up. (Rick Jewers talked about this in a video also.) Some people have experienced needed funds simply showing up in their bank account, or payments made that never got deducted, or bills recorded as having been paid already.

Recognize any of these as a powerful choice point and an opportunity to CO-CREATE the NEW SYSTEM. ONE MUST HAVE FAITH IN IT! When you experience such an occurrence
Instead of saying” There must be a mistake….I better go check to look and find where the error is..”, I encourage you to say –
“Thank you!! I see and agree that I AM DIVINELY SUPPORTED! I welcome MORE of this!”
ASKING FOR MORE is not greedy! Especially in this case where we are anchoring the new network-asking for more is actually the most generous thing you can do! We need as many people as possible to dive INTO this system whole hog!

It is important to state that the QFS is available to those who are IN SERVICE! There are many Lightworkers who have been working diligently without getting paid, who are struggling to survive during the transition. We are the first to benefit from the new system. Lightworkers are also the first to notice these gifts for what they actually are! This gives the system a certain validation it needs to grow.

At first the amounts gifted are nearly exact to the amount we need. We are not meant at this time to hold excess. Our bank accounts are nearly always empty, ( toward a purpose at this time!) and the amount we are given will be as much as the bill we just got, for example. In time as flow increases, the amounts will get larger. This is like building a rushing river! It starts with a trickle, but it will eventually flood the planet. And not that far off, either!

Say “YES!” to it and give the NEW SYSTEM YOUR support if you want to experience more of it. Everything starts with US! Our power lies in CO-CREATING this new financial system with our EAGER participation and BELIEF. The system you contribute your energy to will be the one you live in. Far from being foolish, it is far-seeing and also on the forward side of history to EXPECT THE MIRACULOUS!

This is the way it is starting for many of us. So far, it is a bit sporadic in terms of the number of people CURRENTLY accessing the QFS, But we are BUILDING A FRAMEWORK that will lead to a tipping point! ( It works like the 100th monkey principle) It is not a matter of any external source dropping funds ready made like a ton of bricks on-masse that will deliver us (..which still has a bit of old -timey “Savior” flavor. It is lower and requires little mastery from the populace.) The QFS is like building a trellis high in the sky . At first, only few of us are there, but soon, all the vines will climb and it will support us all.It grows at the same rate as our own confidence.

The QFS is also dependent on US working EQUALLY to stretch our own abilities, release the old, and step out on FAITH! Faith is a REAL TOOL- just like imagination. TRUST is one of the tools in the Master’s tool kit. It is something that needs to be cultivated.

It cannot come at us unless we bring it in!

“WALKING ON WATER” is all about having instant manifestation ability. This is what we need to secure and establish the 5D Christ centered Financial system. (Jesus tipped over the tables of the money changers on his way to temple. Remember? The old ways must be overturned! NOT humored. Not tolerated! )

The question is ” How can I move forward unless I am absolutely certain there is something solid to support me?” The answer lies in Trust , and the ability to manifest what you need AS you need it, without going into fear about your safety or the future. This is a Master’s skill. THIS is walking on water.


One of the things developing more and more as we go through the 5D corridor is GROUP MIND/ TELEPATHIC GROUP COMMUNICATION. There is a process by which this develops, and the more you are aware of it, you will have the ability to track your own progress.

Prior to Awakening, we were in a state where being in group mind meant we were like SHEEP, unconsciously being steered and going along with everyone else. 

NOT SO with the 5D version! 

In 5D-there is circuitry that allows for TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATION of LARGE quants of data. ! In order to have that ability up and running properly – certain energy circuits must be fully developed. Many of us are NOW experiencing the development of that- but can be alarmed or disquieted when it arises. 

I want to offer you some idea of what to expect so that when these things happen, you see it as a SIGN OF PROGRESS, rather than going into fear, alarm, suspicion, or competition! The way you respond to these experiences will have a direct effect on your progress forward. You will take yourself UP or DOWN in vibration. I encourage you to steer yourself UP!

A positive emotional response to a shared dream, for example, will encourage MORE connection in the future. However, if you view such an experience negatively and have a negative emotional response to it, you will be saying to yourself “NO more of THIS!”. And you will slow down your own progress. If you see it for what it actually is- and CHOOSE YOUR OWN LENS WITH DELIBERATION, you will be more fully stepping into your role as the CREATOR of your own reality and conscious co-creator with others!

One of the first stages of developing telepathic circuitry will be SHARED DREAMING. This is because our conscious mind is out of the way. Because this is our beginning foray OUT of separation, the initial groups will be small to start with. It is understandable that the first thing we experience are shared INDIVIDUAL ELEMENTS -which each person will string together differently. This is in preparation for shared storylines as we gradually become able to handle larger quantities of data. 

Here is an example from about three years ago in my own life with members of my own small soul group at that time.

One morning , my daughter told me about her dream the night before.. 
In my daughter’s dream – she opened up our WHITE kitchen cabinets. On a shelf there were matching GLASS spice containers all lined up in a row facing her. Instead of spices, each one contained RAINBOW SPRINKLES. The rainbow sprinkles had been sorted into color by container, and the containers were organized by the spectrum and how full they were. The white jar on the right( masculine) side was full up to the very top. The next jar was violet and it was almost full, but not quite. The next jar had slightly less…and so on. The last jar on the left end contained red, but it was almost empty! She was frustrated because she was trying to get them, but was unable to reach that high .The other element in her dream was a very large male cat sitting next to her on her left. She said about the big yellow cat, ” We were talking without using words”. 

( To me this says there is a lot of white light coming in and its a joy because rainbow sprinkles are a treat. There is a childlike playful energy about them. But the top end of the chakra system( White ) and the masculine energy is out of balance because all the energy is going there with not enough going to the left(feminine/receptive) side. To me It indicates not enough physical focus -being ungrounded-because there are very few sprinkles in the red container on the left side. Very high Spirituality-very low physical security. Too much taking action-not enough receiving. I will get back to the cat and the emotional state in a minute.)

After my daughter reported her dream to me, I didn’t really think much more about it until about an hour later when a very close friend called me. She ALSO told me about her dream! In hers, she was outside in winter ( Again- it starts with a flat WHITE surface). She was on a very ICY road – (Again -a glass like , clear slick surface! Like those glass containers!) There was a steep icy hill( Again-we have an angle or slope!)and she was UNABLE TO REACH the top of the hill because the whole icy hill was covered in RAINBOW SPRINKLES!It was very slippery and she was trying to get up the hill, but was scared for her physical safety. Also in the woods on the right, there was a big lion who kept trying to TALK TO HER but she said “I was ignoring him”.

The obvious similarities between these two dreams ( reaching my ears in the same hour!) meant it was also a message for me! I am often able to see connections between things that others view as having no relationship to one another. I always look for WHERE the commonality is. But in this case it was completely apparent. There were common symbolic elements shared. A common feeling of frustration at not being able to reach was repeated in both. Concern for one’s physical safety was repeated also. Also telepathic communication is indicated- a lion often symbolizes Christ. To me this is about developing telepathy on our Spiritual path. Which means it is the common message for the group at the time this occurred. I think the message was specifically about the developing group mind at that time – and if YOU are reading this -it APPLIES TO YOU NOW!

These repeat elements were strung together differently in my daughter’s story line, and my friend’s storyline. But the theme, the EMOTIONS, THE MEANINGS OF THE SYMBOLS -APPLY TO ALL OF US!

One of the things that happens when we move into these groups is that the idea of ownership totally changes. As we go into 5D, we must step into new terrain where we share EVERYTHING. It is part of being in this energetic circuit. We move into FLOW. In 5D there is a kind of transparency that we never experienced previously. Our thoughts, mental habits, emotions, become part of the soup that everyone will experience! Whatever YOU bring to the table will be passed along and others will pick it up as well! ( It will dramatically affect things like patents and copyright law! There will be no possessiveness or competition for anything!) So this is one reason why everyone in 5D needs to have gone through the clearing process! Our automatic responses to whatever arises must be positive! 

Here is an example of where you may have an understandable automatic response – but it needs to be seen instead as a CHOICE POINT !!

The other day- someone was very worried that her two year old was about to die by drowning. This person was terrified because both she and her mother had a dream on the same night that the baby was underwater and drowning! The question was posed-“Was this dream a PREMONITION?”

Ba-Ba-BUUUUUM!! You can hear the soundtrack…..can’t you?

I’m NOT making light of it! If I thought my baby might drown I would be scared too.
But my point is this – ASK yourself “WHERE DID MY MIND AUTOMATICALLY GO WITH THIS?”
Your ability to create your OWN reality is going to begin when you take an inventory and witness your automatic tendency! From THERE, you can DECIDE which direction you want to go with it instead. This is how you learn to drive your own experience rather than being at the mercy of outside forces all the time. You are going to need to develop the ability to orient yourself toward the positive in a way that is AS AUTOMATIC as the previous fear-based response was. What was appropriate in THAT old reality is not appropriate nor safe in 5D. (We have instant manifestation there! Do NOT share the thought and fear that the baby is obviously going to drown!)

My response to the baby dream was entirely different. I simply saw it a different way.To my mind -water is symbolic of emotion. I think the baby is surrounded by an excess of emotional concern that could be dangerous. I think the dream in addition to the woman’s response to her own dream kind of reinforces that interpretation. I very much doubt this is a mother and a grandmother who leave the baby unattended near water. I think the likelihood is that there is way too much sloshing of undirected emotional reactions that are a threat to the child ( unintended, I’m sure.)I think the warning is THAT! Control the emotions surroundings this child.Make sure it is LOVE, not FEAR! 

The interesting thing to me is that her “premonition” version is also correct. Left unchecked – a thought of the baby drowning shared with a group, who agrees with that fear and amplifies it…CREATES that exact unwanted thing. 

Do I think that now the baby will surely drown?
I think this wise baby is in a soul group with her Mother and Grandmother. At night, their Higher Selves communicate freely, because it is easiest to do so then. The child’s Higher Self delivers WISE guidance regarding the situation. The mother and the Grandmother RECOGNIZE TRUTH, and as a consequence, BOTH of them REMEMBER THIS MESSAGE! They are moved to share this guidance when they awaken-first with one another-then with a larger group.
Now- I come along. I take this information-pivot it all in a POSITIVE direction, and suddenly we have co-created a good feeling instead of fear. Ta-dum. 

Be aware of what you are adding to the collective soup. Make sure it is nourishing…because we are ALL going to eat it. That’s all.

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